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Hello!  I’m Rob Nelson and I'm running to represent the 18th District on the Sauk County Board.
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Tooting my own horn is not something I’m particularly fond of, but as a candidate for your vote, I’ll try to give you a sense of who I am and what I believe.

As a Sauk County Supervisor, it will be my responsibility to help steer the county toward policies that will benefit District 18 residents and the county as a whole, both now and in the future.  I consider myself fair, open-minded, and honest, and adept at looking at issues from a variety of perspectives.  Important qualities that I think are essential for public service are:

Independence. I'm not affiliated with any political party, faction, or clique and I'm also not accepting any campaign contributions. That means that I can exercise an independent voice to do what's best for District 18 and Sauk County, without worry about pleasing party bosses or paying back political favors.

Transparency. Governments have an instinct to hide embarrassing mistakes or unpleasant discussions behind closed doors. I am committed to Wisconsin's progressive tradition of open meetings and open records and strongly believe that an informed citizenry is the best guarantee of responsive, effective, and accountable government.

Objectivity.  I’m adept at looking at issues from a variety of perspectives, and also considering what consequences (intended or otherwise) may follow from a particular decision. With a scientific background, I’m also open to new information and new arguments which may influence my position on an issue.

Sustainability. Decisions need to consider not only what’s best for us today, but also the health and welfare of those who come after. Who wants their kids to inherit a polluted, despoiled wasteland? I don’t, and I don’t even have kids! We owe it to future generations to preserve the productive soils, clean air and water, wildlife, and wild places that make Sauk County such a healthy and attractive place to live. And sometimes, that will mean making a little bit of a sacrifice in the present.

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